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Borgata Online Casino clients awards

Borgata Online Casino clients awards
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Any casinos open in the NY, PA, CT area?

I can see that a lot of casinos are open but none of their poker rooms are back up and running. Only have really checked, Wind Creek, Foxwoods, and Mohegan Sun. I think PA has a mandate against poker rooms but not sure. Anyone know of anything? I’m on Long Island FYI
Former poker degenerate
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Fox wood and Mohegan Sun, which isbatter poker room as for first live cash game to come?

I used to play pokerstars 0.05/0.1~0.25/0.5 USD stack in taiwan
Due to some reason, I am moving to long island NY now and obviously I can't play pokerstars anymore in NY,
so I wonder to know if I want start to play live cash game
Fox wood and Mohegan Sun these two poker room which has batter rake bouns and more fish and visitor?
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A Cliff Notes Summary of the First One Out Interviews

If you haven't had time to listen to seven hours of podcast interviews, or you didn't retain everything you heard, here are some key points. I didn't think to do this until just now, so I'll be posting it as a work in progress and updating it throughout the afternoon. That way more people will have a chance to read up before the premiere.
Karishma Patel, 37, Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, Houston, TX -First generation Indian-American Her mom was as a legal assistant, and got her a filing job at her law firm when she was 14. "I didn't have other options. I was basically told I was going to be a lawyer and I didn't disagree."She has watched every season and regularly listens to RHAP. She sits close to the TV to study the inflections on people's faces when something is said to them, so that she can think about what that means. But, her parents and husband don't share her enthusiasm for the show. Asked if it's her dark pleasure she says, "It is completely bright. It is a beautiful pleasure of mine, but it is mine and mine only. I haven't been able to find people to share it with." -Doing the show has caused her conflict. "Not only is it not expected, it's not allowed. It's kind of like being a disobedient Indian girl. You're not supposed to be doing this. What you're supposed to be doing is having babies. But I don't care. I'm a risk taker. I'm here to prove to myself that I don't need to listen to anybody else. I don't need permission from anybody else. This is my journey and I'm going to take it. I hope that people watching out there can see that an Indian woman's value does not come from doing what she's told." -She doesn't currently have children, and she says she has some decisions to make as she enters a crossroads and the next stage of her life. -Her law firm told her they'll replace her if they're able to find someone, and she can have her job back if they don't. "I didn't flinch." -Her strategy is to be non-threatening and play a social game. She doesn't look 37, and she wants to use that youthfulness to be disarming. She wants to build relationships other people believe in. She defines success by other people vouching for her loyalty when they go off and have private conversations with one another. "That means I got 'em, because it's actually the other way around." Asked if she wants to find someone she can trust, "I'm not going to be capable of it. I'm too skeptical for that. I overthink things, so I'm not going to be able to trust somebody the way I want to be trusted... If I do, that's the end of my game."
My take: Oh my God. Poor Karishma. Her story hurts my heart. She reminds me so much of myself in her isolation, her defiance and her deep feelings. I worry that her fear of trusting people could get in the way of her forming genuine bonds. But, there's nothing she can do. Society has made her the way she is. I hope she gets a lot of screen time so she can be a star of her favorite show.
Missy Byrd, 24, Military Veteran/App Developer, Tacoma, Washington -Originally from Georgia. Her family was 'decently poor.' She played basketball for the Air Force Academy because she thought it was her ticket out. -She had a brain tumor. She stopped menstruating for a year and two quarters. "I'm not dating anyone but I have breast milk. I'm a literal cow... I would look down and my shirt would be wet, and I thought, 'Dang you're clumsy. I knew you were clumsy, but you're clumsier today than you were yesterday. But it was - it was - uhh - milk." She had crying fits. She developed a stutter and couldn't look at people. Doctors told her she was just stressed. When her dad died she couldn't process emotions normally. She was about to go to the French version of the Air Force Academy, École de l'air, after graduation but because of her mental instability she was removed from school. The military shipped her to the same Air Force base as Sandra (Fort Lewis.) "I don't want to be there. Super sad. Check into the post office - fuck this. Check into the dorms - hate that." The doctor there found the tumor. She got an MRI and all weekend she believed she might have cancer. Over the next year and a half she eliminated the tumor and the symptoms using vitamins. She enlisted and worked logistics. -She made a list of the things she wanted to do now that she was going to live. "The first thing was go see Beyonce. Beyonce costs way too much money for a normal person to go see, but if you've just almost had a near death experience you go see Beyonce, bro!" She was feet away. She drove across the country. She tried weed. -She had an idea for an app, but didn't even have the computer literacy to use social media. She found a veteran's association and asked if she could intern. "They said, 'No, you should build this out yourself. We want to work for you.' I said, 'No, the fuck you don't. Okay, lemme call my grandma.'" She wrote a grant proposal and won a $1,500 office space in the center of Seattle. "Just to do whatever I want. It was like a laboratory for a child. I had Play-Dough up there. I had a white board... Just mind blowing shit when I could have been dead." -She'd seen every episode of Survivor at least three times. She started watching because her Air Force Academy basketball team was getting decimated, and she related to Foa Foa getting decimated in Survivor: Samoa. She added the show to her list. Josh suggests, "The bugs are eating you because they want some of that magic." -She isn't going to tell people her story until she's in the Final 3. "That's that Final 3 magic." She doesn't want to overly rely on strategy. She doesn't want to win individual challenges. She to build a social game and find ways to relate to everyone.
My take: She's so full of exuberance. There's not a negative bone in her body right now. She's too young and her life experience is too necessarily limited to talk around three years of her life. If she shares her story, the beauty of her perspective will cause everyone to fall in love with her and want her to do well. If she doesn't, people will sense that she's hiding a lot. I think she'll figure that out and course correct within the first day. Since she was at the same Air Force base as Sandra and she was a massive fan, does that suggest she knows her?

Ronnie Bardah, 35, Professional Poker Player, Henderson, Nevada-Born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, 20 minutes south of Boston. They were the only Israeli family in town. 50% of the people in Brockton were from Cape Verde, and he considers himself an "honorary Cape Verdian." A couple of his friends were shot and killed at a young age. -He was a good kid and had a good heart, but he was always hustling. In Junior High he was flipping Oatmeal Cakes and Fudge Rounds for a profit. Slinging baseball cards. Both his parents gambled. They were always at the dog tracks or Mohegan Sun. He had his friend make him a fake ID and got stuck with the name Alaja Jones. He went by Al and started playing the casinos. Quit his job at Sears Automotive to play poker full time.-He played Atlantic City, Vegas, then internationally. He had his first big score in 2010 when he took 24th place in the main event for $320,000. Got to keep $150,000 after taxes. "Poker's a hard way to make an easy living. Lots of people try. We risk every day. You have to get to a point when you can manage your bankroll and I've never gone broke in the 16 years I've played." -In one of the most viewed poker hands of all time, he was bluffed out of a million dollar pot by a supermodel on a poker TV show filmed in Monaco. "She made a sick play. She had no idea what she was doing but all the stars were aligned."-He watched Borneo when it aired and got back into it when fellow poker player Anna Khait was on. He calls Jean-Robert, "kinda a lazy guy...He's really good at befriending multi-millionaires." "Anna Khait... is probably the least poker player out of all of us. She played for a couple years." "And then Garrett - He's a very, very smart, smart kid... Self-made millionaire. One of the very, very few." -He only drank water for 7.5 days and lost 25 pounds for his health and to get an idea of the conditions of the show. He thinks he'll thrive in the survival situation. "People like being around me. I like to fucking bust balls and joke." He thinks old school alliances are a good plan, but you have to adapt. He says that like in poker, Survivor players can have every advantage, but they have to really smell it. -He wants Vince out. "There's an Asian Zeke in there. What value does he bring besides ruining people and getting in people's heads? He's a liability in challenges. He looks like a little corn puff. We gotta get him outta here. Sorry to sound so mean but it's the truth."
My take: Ruuuuude. He has no way of knowing how other people on the cast are talking in their interviews, and may assume the trash talk is standard. If he were playing on some seasons it would be. But, in this particular season it sets him apart in an unflattering way, and it seems a part of the tough persona he's built up to escape a scary situation growing up and enter a fantasy career. We'll see whether his tribe thinks he's a straight talking character or a jerk.

Tom Laidlaw, Former NHL Player, Brampton, Ontario, Canada -He was with the New York Rangers for 7 years and the LA Kings for 4. Now he has his own podcast, True Grit Life (truegritlife.com). Does it with a friend, Kevin Allen, who writes for USA Today. Does motivational speaking. -Growing up on a dairy farm outside Toronto there was a pond to water the cows. It froze over in the winters and he'd play hockey because there wasn't much else to do. Went to Northern Michigan University - four year hockey captain, ranked #1 team in the country. Drafted as a 20 year old. "My buddy had a horse farm. We were cleaning horse shit out of the stalls. There were no cell phones back then. This is 1978. My father got a call at our farm house from the New York Rangers at the draft. Back then nobody went to the draft - it was just teams. They said I'd been drafted in the sixth round. He calls the farm house where I'm working. They bring me up. He says, 'Son, you've been drafted by the Rangers.' I said, 'Great. What do I do now?' He says, 'Finish cleaning the shit out of the stalls.'" -When he played intimidation and fighting was strategy. There were guys tougher than him, but he could fight and he could also play. Problem was, he fought a guy once, and from then on the guy wanted to fight him over and over. -Jerry Bruckheimer, big hockey fan, called the NHL and wanted to get some players on the Amazing Race. Tom had kept himself in shape, he had his passport. They ended up asking him about Survivor. He'd watched it before but not for a while. He wasn't so sure he wanted to play a game where you hurt other people, but friends helped him get his head around it. He was very impressed by Christian's toughness in the endurance challenge. To prepare for the show he studied how he reacted to different situations, how to control his heart heart, etc. He wants the mental challenge.
My take: Tom really ticked me off when he spoiled a couple of outcomes of this season. That's a betrayal of the producers, his cast and the viewers. But, if that hadn't happened I would like him. He's an easy-going, charming guy. His life experiences are a bit different than anyone else who's been on the show, which is what you want.
Vince Moua, 27, Admissions Counselor, Merced, CA -His family is Hmong. His parents lived in Vietnam in the destruction left by the war - dead bodies, guns, people who wanted to kill them. They went to refugee camps in Thailand. Then his dad became a Montana farm hand. He met Vince's mom in the US, but she came from the same place. -Vince is from small town Merced, California - the 209. Few people he knew went anywhere but the UC system and community college. He went to Stanford, one of only 7-10 Hmong. He realized the significance someone can bring to people from the same community. He tried to be pre-med but realized "no, not today." The issues of access he cared about came well before people got to the hospital. He ended up going with education. His mom was a teacher, "But when I was growing up she said, 'Yo, if you become a teacher Imma disown yo ass.' To all of us. But, that's always kinda been my jam." -He lived in South Korea for five years. He taught English in a town. Then in Seoul ahed worked with low and middle income students who wanted to study outside of Korea. -He's a Survivor superfan, who even mentions on his Tinder account that he plans to be on Survivor. His parents were worried about him doing TV because he's not out as gay to his extended family. He comes from a clan where his dad is the "top dog" and Vince is "the next top dog." In the Asian American/Pacific Islander community when you come out, it's your family who faces - in a sense - dishonor. For a long time he distanced himself from his family, hoping they'd all be less hurt if they found out and disowned him. He always tried to find friends who would be there for him should his parents not be. A year ago his mom asked him rhetorically if he was gay. "I was try'n to go around it. I was like, 'Gurl, you don't wanna know! Yo ass keeps asking!' But she kept asking, asking. So finally I told her 'Yeah, I am!' and she was crying. My dad was like, 'Oh, my son!'" But, Vince is fine with who he is and wants to show kids like him that "let's hope that it gets better." Now his parents just want him to win. -He'd like to play an old school strategy but "I'm not afraid to cut a bitch." With the tribe he's going to be Homeboy Vince from the 209, but when he talks to the camera he's going to tell people "Don't underestimate your narratives." This past year with Crazy Rich Asians, he wants people to know that there are some Crazy Hood Ass Asians.
My take: What a character. Vince has a clear point of view - Hmong, blue collar, gay - which is unique to him in Survivor lore. Even though double minorities have sometimes had trouble fitting in socially on Survivor I think somehow he's going to pull it off. As unlikely as this sounds I could even see him being a Cochran-esque winner.
Aaron Meredith, 36, Personal Trainer, Warwick, Rhode Island -He's very keyed up at Ponderosa. Rambling so fast it sounds like you're listening to 1.5x. He's read four books so far - Relentless by Tim Grover, Can't Hurt Me by Dave Goggins, Iron Cowboy by James Lawrence, Harry Potter. -He was an engineer at a building insulation plant. He was miserable, too antsy sitting at a desk. Couldn't focus. So, he drove up and down the East Coast popping kettle corn - from Maine to Florida - traveling with carnies. Bartended for a while. He'd played college football and baseball, lifted since high school, and he and his friends wanted to get "huge and jacked and ripped." The owner of the gym suggested he become a personal trainer. He ended up working mostly with middle aged women and it taught him empathy. Now he owns two women's-only fitness studios. He puts supportive women around one another and offers them the positivity to seek self-growth. -He's also a party boat emcee. Lights, DJ, bar, drinks. He's an extremely social person. -He'd first applied at 23 - 6 or 7 times over the years. He was in the mix for Cook Islands and David vs. Goliath. -He's been married 7 years and has a 5 year old son. His son is a huge fan of Survivor. Libby Vincek is his favorite player. Kara Kay was his next favorite. Aaron is already sure Molly will be his son's favorite. "He has a type. He He likes the attractive blondes. He says, 'I like them because they have a nice face.' I like mommy because she has a nice face too." The boy was very concerned about his dad going on the show. He said, "Dad, I don't want anyone to laugh at you and make fun of you." Aaron said he wanted to win. His son said, "But you might not win." When they watch the show he'll always ask, "Do they like him? Do they like her?" If Aaron is portrayed in a negative light he'll have to sit down with his son and talk. He doesn't want to play a deceitful game, but he will, because he doesn't care how he's portrayed.
My take: His story about his son is one of my favorites from all these interviews. I hope he gets to work with Molly. His adrenaline is too high. I hope he calms down a lot when the game starts. But, someone so social and sweet hearted who can win challenges and take themselves to the end has got to be a contender to win.
Chelsea Walker, 27, Digital Content Editor, Los Angeles, CA -Chelsea just took the cast photo and they put her in the third spot from the bottom, a good omen because a weird number of winners have been in that position. "Your girl's number three. I got this!" -She's a Jersey girl. She went to the University of Maryland. "I didn't do Survivor: Maryland or anything." She studied Broadcast Journalism. She knew the generic emails for NBC Universal and emailed random people until someone replied. Now she's been in LA a year. She did coverage of award shows. Now she works at IMDB, where she helps Kevin Smith with his show. She just interviewed people at SXSW. -She's been watching Survivor since she was 8. She's cried in every interview because this means so much to her. She's trying to explain that at the point she starts crying again. "It's been such a dream of mine and To be told no year after year after year - these past six years have been a total mindfuck. I've basically been called every single year. I've been to finals three times. Survivor is my one true love, but the one year they didn't call me I got really pissed off so I tried out for Big Brother. I ended up becoming the alternate and got my key being filmed and all of that crap. But I don't like that show anyway." -In September 2017 she was at a WeHo bar for her friend's birthday when, "Oh shit that's Jeff Probst." Her girlfriends all know she's obsessed, so she pulled the waiter over and asked what that guy was drinking. So, Chelsea sent another one over. "I told my friends, 'Take my credit card. Split the bill, because I can't come back after I do this. As soon as the waiter drops off the drink I'm like, 'Jeff, this one's on me. You can buy me the next one at finals.' And I just walked out of the restaurant... That was a big move!" They didn't call her again that year, but Jeff still remembered when they talked this year. -She's been working out at four different gyms - weights, pilates, yoga. Push ups. Memorized puzzles. Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, which she keeps in.a Bible sleeve so people will think she's religious. She also carries Harry Potter because she would trust someone who read HP. She wants to keep it cool. Make one on one connections. Eventually find idols - and not tell anyone she has one - and make calculated moves. "I don't want to be a Jacob. No offense."
My take: Hearing this girl cry from joy because she's so happy to be on the show makes me emotional. She's a real go getter. I wish I were that damn fearless. Truly, I wish I were more like her. I hope her pure zest for life comes across on TV and she doesn't get stuck with a purple edit just because of her age and gender. I also hope no one decides to get threatened by her as a competitive girl and vote her off premerge. I think she'll go far. Hope so.
Dean Kowalski, 28, Account Executive, New York, New York -Referring to himself in the third person, "Dean is 28 years old. As we mentioned, he lives in New York and he prides himself on being a well rounded person when it comes to interests, abilities, personalities... If I'm listening to Drake and Lil Wayne, I gotta go home and cry to This Is Us.. I can play basketball but also think about our place in the universe." He likes to tag basketball courts with a peace symbol with a ball on it which he makes using a stencil. -He structures most of his interview with Josh around an Outwit, Outplay, Outlast format, explaining why he excels at each. -He grew up in an affluent suburb. His dream was to play in the NBA. He was 5"9 3/4, so he set his eyes on college basketball as a realistic alternative. In order to get looks from colleges he went to a school 30 minutes away - top five in the country, Nike would fly them around for games and give them free Jordan sneakers. He was one of only 4 white guys in the whole school and the only one on the team. He played with Kyrie Irving, the #1 overall draft pick. "My friend said you look like the Make a Wish Kid who just wants to be on the team for a day." He played at Colombia University, where he was co-captain his senior year despite averaging two minutes a game. He became a teacher, then did sales for a tech startup in New York. He now sells ads for Google. -He's a fan, but far from a superfan. He started watching Brenda's season. (He thinks it was Nicaragua, but it was actually Carmoan.) He works with a superfan who freaked out when they had a meeting at H&R Block with Carolyn Rivera and they went out to Bourbon Street with her. He kept watching for five years and thought he could do well. He hates when people are all talk, so he sent in a tape. For the video he interviewed random strangers on the street, who had never met him or seen the show, and asked them, "Why am I going to win it?" A barber, a construction worker. He's going to tell people he's in marketing, not sales - people have sales.
My take: I'm just not that into him.
Elaine Stott, 41, Factory Worker, Rockholds, NY -When Josh asks her not to touch the table she asks him, "You seen that Bart Simpson commercial, right? Don't touch my Butterfinger? I'm already hungry thinking about it." -"I had a pretty rough way to go growing up." Her single dad raised her and her three brothers. She was the youngest. "I was raised like one of the boys. Know what I mean? Daddy didn't know how to raise no little girl." He worked 16-17 hour days. The kids raised themselves. "When little children make their own decisions, they make poor ones." She was a hellion. -She's originally from Woodbine, Kentucky, Nick Wilson's hometown. Her god sister went to school with him and she knows him through the grapevine. "We rode on different sides of the track. 20 years ago he coulda been my lawyer, because I was on the other side of the law. I'm not bad. I've just done some things." Public intoxication several times. "I come from a dry county. It's like Footloose. We cross the state line to get a beer and when you come back you're in trouble." She stole a newspaper stand once and had to do community service. "I was a little bit mean." -She went to live with her grandpa and cleaned her act up, by which she means that she started smoking a little weed and playing sports - basketball, softball, track. She played softball and judo in college. "I couldn't do nothing real technical. We had Brazilians on the team who could do flying arm bars. But if I got these claws on you and got ya on the ground I'd waller you to death." In casting she put this guy Will in an armbar. She was gonna choke him but didn't know if she should. -When she graduated, her girlfriend was a college Freshman so she went to all the same parties and ballgames for four years. Then she realized she needed a job. Now she drives a Ford truck for a factory. She's been there 15 years. She works 12 hours, 7 days a week. -Growing up her mom "was always in my life in some sense. She'd never miss a birthday. She'd be homeless, but she'd still call." Elaine and her brothers bought her cars, and places to live, and got her jobs. "In a sense I've been mourning the loss of my mom my whole life." Once Elaine was homeless herself and there was snow on the ground. It was cold, and her teacher took her in. Gave her Christmas presents. Made her go to prom. Survivor was a thing they shared, and the teacher was gonna be Elaine's loved one. But within a one year period the woman lost her daughter, her husband, her dog and then had a stroke. Now "she walks like Frankenstein" and can't go. Elaine got Probst to talk to her, and she can't wait to watch. In October Elaine's biological mom went into a coma. She was on life support, but Elaine wouldn't unplug her. Her mom came out of it and seemed to be doing a lot better only to die very suddenly of a heart attack. -Her girlfriend and her girlfriend's two sons are gonna be watching. The 18 year old doesn't know because he can't keep a secret. The 13 year old helped her lose 20 pounds doing crossfit to come out here. She wants the money, but she really wants "some of that soul searching, that life adventure, that life changing - some of that. You know what I mean? Gimme some of that soup! Lemme eat some of that up! I want this show to build me up, because I feel like it can. I sure hope to hell it don't tear me down."
My take: About 12 sobbing emojis in a row. She's my favorite. If she gets voted out premerge I'm going to go into mourning. And how can you not sort of expect that? I am going to be so upset if they just dismiss her because she's older and looks out of shape and sounds country. If that happens, I want another Second Chance season next year.
Elizabeth Biesel, 26, Olympic swimmer, South Kingstown, Rhode Island -Josh says that Elizabeth was outright identified by one of the other contestants because they'd been watching YouTube videos about how to be a better swimmer. Others guessed she was an Olympian based on her rings tattoo. -She's from the Ocean State. They lived a block away from the beach, so they wanted her to take swimming lessons. She was a rambunctious child and swimming was the only way they could calm her energy. She started breaking records when she was 7 or 8. When she was 13 she made her first national team. At 15 she went to the Olympics. She got good early. Women peak around 22-23, and she ended her career at 24. You couldn't make much money doing it. She swam one of the longer, more grueling races, and her body said "no more." She listened to her body and retired. Some athletes lose their love for swimming because they're embittered by losing by 1/100th of a second, or they leave injured. She left on a good note. Still, if she could swim competitively for the rest of her life, she would. Now she doesn't know who she is or what she's going to do with the rest of her life. Every hour of the day used to have a purpose. Now her days are wide open. She can't keep eating 5,000 calories a day. "It's sort of like I'm mourning the death of Elizabeth Biesel the swimmer." -She was a Survivor fan as a kid because Richard Hatch was from Rhode Island. In her area "Every single household that had a television set was watching Survivor." When they asked her if she'd do the show, she felt pure joy. She said absolutely right away. She's excited about the competition of Survivor. No heated Olympic pools. You're stripped down to your core. She's amazed by the scope of the production apparatus. She's not a schemer. She wants to be a challenge beast - not the best woman but the best overall. She'd love to have a Wendell and Dom relationship with another woman. But, she wants to avoid the drama as long as she can.
My take: Could Chelsea be Wendell to her Dom? She's so wholesome. She's just so "Olympics." I love her and everything she represents. I'd love to see her rocket through the swimming competitions, lapping everyone else. Go Elizabeth.
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Unik! 12 Rekor Dunia Berikut Sukses Dipecahkan Di Casino Part 1

Unik! 12 Rekor Dunia Berikut Sukses Dipecahkan Di Casino Part 1

Tempat perjudian semacam casino bisa jadi memanglah tidak terdapat di Indonesia, tetapi apabila kalian berkunjung ke negeri lain, kalian bisa menciptakan casino dengan gampang. Casino memanglah senantiasa menawarkan perihal perihal menarik untuk banyak orang. Dimana dalam tempat ini seorang dapat menang jutaan dollar dalam tadi malam serta pula bisa kalah dalam sekejap mata. Tidak mengherankan memanglah apabila casino jadi tempat kesukaan orang orang buat mengadu nasib nya.

Tetapi bukan perihal tersebut yang mau kami bahas kali ini, melainkan rekor dunia yang dipecahkan di casino. Apabila kalian ditanya rekor apa saja yang bisa jadi terjalin di dalam casino, kalian bisa jadi hendak menanggapi kemenangan terbanyak dalam sekali bermain ataupun sejenisnya. Perihal tersebut belum terdapat apa apanya apabila dibanding dengan rekor rekor unik yang sempat terjalin di dalam casino yang hendak kami bahas ini.

1. Lapisan Rumah Dari Kartu Terbesar

Kalian tentu sempat memandang lapisan kartu yang terbuat sampai sedemikian rupa jadi berupa rumah ataupun bangunan yang lain. Buat bisa membuat perihal ini pastinya memerlukan tingat konsenstasi yang sangat besar. Karena sedikit saja kesalahan, hingga seluruh lapisan yang sudah kalian buat bisa roboh serta kalian wajib mengulan lagi dari dini.
Pastinya terus menjadi besar lapisan kartu yang terbuat, hendak terus menjadi lama serta terus menjadi susah proses pengerjaannya. Mengerti kah kalian seberapa besar Lapisan rumah dari kartu terbanyak di dunia yang sempat di buat? Simaklah foto diatas!
Terbuat oleh seseorang arsitektur asal Amerika bernama Bryan Berg pada tahun 2004. Dia menghabiskan 44 hari dan 218, 792 lembar kartu remi ataupun dekat 4, 000 deck buat bisa membuat bangunan kartu terbanyak itu.
Dalam proses pembuatannya, Berg tidak memakai perekat maupun penyangga apa apa tidak hanya kartu remi. Bangunan luar biasa dari kartu remi ini dia rubuhkan sehabis 10 hari setelah itu.
Lapisan rumah dari kartu tersebut ialah replika dari casino terbanyak di dunia, ialah Venetian Casino yang terletak di Macau. Apabila segala kartunya dikumpulkan serta dibentangkan, panjang keseluruhnya hendak menggapai 19 km lebih loh!

2. Membanting Gitar Terbanyak

Apabila biasanya pada sesuatu peresmian tempat hendak diadakan kegiatan peresmian berbentuk gunting pita, tetapi berbeda dengan casino yang terdapat di Florida ini. Casio bernama Seminole Hard Rock Hotel& Casino di Hollywood ini meresmikan zona parkir barunya dengan metode membanting gitar paling banyak!
Kegiatan ini berlangsung pada ketahui 2010 dimana Guinness Records ikut muncul buat melihat serta mencatat rekor membanting gitar paling banyak itu. Tidak tanggung tanggung, jumlah gitar yang di rusak dikenal hingga dengan 1, 914 buah gitar akustik.
Bisa jadi kalian bertanya bimbang kenapa mereka butuh mengganggu gitar gitar bagus tersebut. Tetapi tenang saja karena gitar gitar tersebut sesungguhnya ialah gitar yang tidak sangat bagus. Disamping itu pula Seminole Hard Rock turut menyumbangkan gitar berkulitas ke sekolah sekolah. Perihal ini dalam rangka buat menunjang pembelajaran musik, diperkirakan total sumbangan gitar mereka setara dengan 700 juta rupiah lebih.

3. Turnamen Mesin Slot Terbesar

Mesin slot ialah salah satu game yang sangat digemari di casino ataupun di web judi slot online. Apalagi di Las Vegas sendiri mempunyai rasio mesin slot dibandingkan penduduknya sebesar 1 banding 8. Yang berarti ada 1 mesin slot buat tiap 8 orang penduduknya.
Sangking populernya game slot ini pada bulan April tahun 2013, Mohegan Sun Casino mengadakan turnamen slot terbanyak yang sempat terdapat. Dengan diiringi oleh lebih dari 5000 pemain, kegiatan ini menoreh 2 rekor dunia sekalian.
200 pemain paling atas memenangkan total jackput sebesar$100, 000. Sebaliknya buat pemenang utama dari turnamen ini memenangkan$50, 000.

4. Meja Blackjack Terbanyak Di Dunia

Pasti perayaan hari ulang tahun ataupun hari jadi pantas dirayakan semewah mewahnya. Dalam memeringati 21 tahun berjalannya Viejas Casino Online, mereka memutuskan buat membuat meja blackjack terbanyak di dunia.
Meja blackjack ini 120 kali lebih besar di meja blackjack biasa. Yang mana meja blackjack biasa cuma mempunyai dimensi 18, 5 kaki persegi, sebaliknya buat meja ini mempunyai dimensi 2, 226 kaki persegi.
Buat menunjang game di meja ini, mereka pula sediakan kartu dan chip poker berdimensi besar yang cocok dengan meja ini.

5. Lemparan Kartu Terjauh

Apakah kalian sempat memandang atraksi orang melemparkan 1 buah kartu yang bisa menembus buah ataupun hingga menancap di bilik? Aksi ini nyatanya pula bisa dicoba di dunia nyata, pastinya dengan tekhnik lemparan yang benar.
Rick Smith Jr. yang ialah seseorang illusionis serta pula pakar dalam melontarkan kartu sukses melaksanakan lemparan kartu terjauh. Kartu yang dia lempar sukses mendarat sepanjang 65, 9 m dengan kecepatan lemparan 148 km per jam.
Rekor ini sukses dia pecahkan pada bertepatan pada 21 Maret, 2002 di Cleveland Ohio yang ialah tempat asalnya.

6. Kue Perkawinan Terbesar

Bagi sebagian orang, casino bisa jadi telah dikira jadi rumah mereka sendiri. Tidak sedikit orang yang menggelar kegiatan di casino buat memperingati hari hari ataupun pencapaian berkesan dalam hidupnya.
Dari salah satu orang yang memperingati hari spesialnya di casino, salah satunya ialah pemegang rekor kue perkawinan terbanyak. Kue dengan 7 tingkatan ini mempunyai besar 5, 18 m serta pula berat hingga 6, 818 kilogram!
Dikenal kue ini di pamerkan di Mohegan Sun Casino pada tahun 2004. Kui yang mempunyai rasa vanila dengan dkoreasi coklat berupa hati dan panah ini bisa di bagikan ke 59, 000 orang.
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New player, some questions/looking for tips

Hi everyone, ive played online poker(not for real money though) for years though im still a completely noob.
Im looking to try playing in a casino (closest would be encore boston, next choice is mohegan sun) but im a bit intimidated having never played in person before.
I noticed for the most part its cash games at both unless i get there at the right time for tournaments (like once or twice a day at mohegan, didnt see a schedule at encore).
I want to try out tournaments as it seems a bit better with everyone starting out equal and i played mostly tournaments online but cash games seem more common though intimidating .
Does anyone recommend one over the other to start?
Cash games at mohegan seem to have 1/2 no limit and up, encore has 1/3 and up so id be looking to buy in with either 200 or 300 depending where i play.
My biggest obstacle id guess is myself and being scared to hop in and mess up, anyone have tips on getting in there for the first time?
Any advice or tips are appreciated :)
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Is Casino of the Wind closing? (Mohegan Sun)

Does anyone who frequents Mohegan Sun know what's going on with the Casino of the Wind? The past couple times I've been there this year all the table games have been closed. Also, they recently closed Margaritaville and are moving the Poker Room to Casino of the Earth. This all can't be coincidence, right? I have tried searching on the internet but haven't found anything about it.
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Northeast PA Poker Rooms

I'm going back home to my parents for the holidays. I was thinking of going out to a cheap buyin tournament with my dad (like $50 or less). He's never played live, mostly played a lot of "fun money" poker. I think it'd be fun to have a couple drinks and mess around at a tourny as a guys night out.
They live in Carbon County, so far I think the closest is Mohegan Sun Pocono, and Sands Casino is about an hour away.
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Craps Strategy that is working for me.

TL;DR - I'm putting this at the top. If you have questions, you can read the extremely long post I wrote out, or you can ask in the comments.
Buy in for $500. Leave as soon as I hit $500 profit, or I lose the original $500 buy in.
$5 on the Don't Pass line. (Darkside Player)
If the point is...
6 or 8, I lay $60. Pays 5:6
5 or 9, I lay $75. Pays 2:3
4 or 10, I lay $100. Pays 1:2
For each of these bets, if a 7 is rolled, I win $50 from my odds bet, and $5 from my original DP bet for a total of $55. Notice I lay more money to win less. That's how the darkside works.
Never put any bets in the center of the table (Hardways, any craps, C&E, Horn bets). Never. They are the worst bets in the casino...not even just on the craps table. Also, no field bets. And no hedge bets. Hedging your bets is a losing proposition. You either don't win, or you lose a lot.
It's a grind. And I bet a lot of money to win a little, but the %'s are in my favor, and if you stick to this, and learn to throw the dice, you can win a little bit over a long amount of time. There are more bets I make as I go, but this is the basics, and I stick to this the entire time.
In the last 4 sessions I've played, I am up about $2450... however lifetime in craps I'm still very much in the red.
Warning... Long read. Sorry, I got on a couple of tangents. I hope it helps someone out there though!
I've been playing craps on and off for over 10 years. Never seriously, and never fully understanding the rules, the pay outs, the odds, etc. I also flopped back and forth in the betting strategies I used... and mostly because I just tried to copy what someone else was doing - and usually I'd end up with horrible results.
Recently I started researching and reading a lot more about the game. Specifically the odds and payouts. When you understand the odds of the dice, the payouts, and the difference between place bets, and odds bets, you get a MUCH better understanding of the game and what bets are the best to make in the house, and why.
To be clear, if you only play the "best bets" on the table, two things will happen.
1 - You will be very bored.
2 - You still lose money in the long run. That's just the nature of the game. That's why casinos are still in business.
The only way to have a chance at beating the casino, is to learn how to control the dice, and to only make bets that lower the house edge (i.e. placing/laying max odds). The first step is learning what bets to make, for how much, and why.
As far as controlling the dice/setting the dice... there are a handful of people who claim to be expert dice shooters, and claim to make a living doing it. There have been a couple of books written and there are videos on youtube you can watch, and there are "dice control" classes you can take which will cost you thousands of dollars. Most people think this is impossible. And they wouldn't be crazy to think this. The table is designed with those small pyramid shaped rubber backings so that when the dice hit the wall (which they have to, or you get yelled at by the dealers), the dice randomly bounce in multiple directions, completely negating your special "dice setting". The more the dice bounce, the more it becomes randomized. And the casino wants random rolls... its how they win. The casino also doesn't care if you "set the dice" or think you're a controlled shooter, because they don't think it's possible, and they have billions of dollars in winnings to show that craps is a losing proposition for players. So as long as you don't take more than 10 seconds to set the dice before each throw, they won't care.
I happen to think controlling/setting the dice does make a difference. I also think it takes a LOT of practice in how you set the dice, how you hold the dice, how you release the dice, how the dice bounce on the table, then hit the back wall. Its just like anything physical... the more you do it, the better you get at it. But you have to pay close attention to detail, and try to be precise on every throw. And even if you are... you are still only at a SLIGHT advantage to win. I'm not going to go into anymore detail on this. If you want to discuss it, we can.
Craps is not a game you're going to win a lot of money at in a short amount of time. The swings are tremendous. You can go from $500 to $5,000 to $0 in a matter of minutes. The key is consistency, and bankroll management.
I have kept track of all of my gambling winnings/losings since I was in college. I've been a poker player for longer than I can remember, so keeping track was always important to me. When it comes to craps, I am an overall loser. I am very much in the red. This is over about a decade of playing craps in casinos from Vegas to Mohegan Sun and everything in between. However, since last October, I have been on a winning streak. I'm still very negative, but I've been slowly getting closer to even. And it has to do with 2 things... the bets I'm making, and how I set/throw the dice.
Here's what I do.
I always try to find $5 tables. $10 if I can't find any 5's, but nothing higher than that. My bankroll just can't support it. My buy in is $500.
I always stand either immediately to the left or to the right of the stickman. This is the best spot on the table for consistent throwing of the dice. If I can't stand in those spots... I don't play.
As soon as I hit $500, I leave the table. No questions. Doesn't matter if I've been standing there for 10 minutes. My goal is to win $500. By doing this, I limit the crazy swings that will inevitably happen. I didn't do this twice. One time I won $1300, the other time I lost it all back and only won $120. See what I mean? Swings. They suck. When you hit your goal... LEAVE! Also... if I lose my $500 buy in... I'm done. no going to the ATM. I don't even bring my ATM cards or extra cash with me. If I can't do it with $500, it's not happening. This helps limit how much I can lose per session. I learned that the hard way in Vegas last year. Kept chasing my losses, and ended up losing almost $3k in a couple of sessions.
Ok, strategy. I am a "Darkside" player. I play the Don'ts. People at the table hate me. The dealers think its hilarious, and they like me cause I tip. And cause I know the rules and how to bet. It makes their jobs easier.
My first bet is $5 on the Don't Pass line. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, I lose. If he/she rolls a 2 or 3 I win, if he rolls a 12 I push. This is the worst bet I'll make because I'm at an EXTREME disadvantage here. However, it's just $5, and I'm happy to lose this bet. Why? Because when a point is rolled, I now have the best advantage possible. The don't pass odds are the best bet on the craps table. Even better than the pass odds. Here is where I make my money. Important to understand when laying odds on the darkside... is you have to put more money on the table to win less. I'll explain below.
For each example, we will assume the max odds are 10X (cause that's what they are at the casinos I play at now). The higher the max odds, the less advantage the house has over you. If you go to a table and see 2X odds... RUN! the least you should be doing are 3X4X5X odds. If you find a table with 100X odds... well, I hope you have the bankroll for it.
If the point is...
6 or 8, I lay $60. Pays 5:6 (notice... opposite of what the pass line pays. You pay more to win less).
5 or 9, I lay $75. Pays 2:3
4 or 10, I lay $100. Pays 1:2
For each of these bets, if a 7 is rolled, I win $50 from my odds bet, and $5 from my original DP bet for a total of $55. Max odds are calculated by the most money you can WIN. So 10X a $5 bet is $50. That's the most I can win on my odds bet. So in order to win $50, I can lay whatever amount pays out $50. For a 6 or 8, it pays 2:3, so I can lay $60 to win $50. For 5 or 9 it's 2:3, so I can lay $75, and for 4 or 10, its 1:2, so I can lay $100.
To be honest, I really only lay max odds when a 4 or 10 is the point when other people are shooting. Even though they roll random, I still like to be the one in control when I'm putting my money out there. Plus, usually when I've been playing the DP for a little while, people get pissed and leave, and I have the table to myself. When I roll, I play max odds on every point number.
I set the dice a very particular way for come out rolls, and for whatever the point number is. As the session goes, I take note of what numbers I tend to throw. I usually have patterns. Two nights ago, I was throwing a TON of 5's and 9's... so I stayed away from 5 and 9 Don't Come bets.
As I start to build up my winnings, I'll begin placing a $5 bet in the Don't Come bar. The best part of this bet, is that unlike the Come bet, you don't have to put the bet up on the number. So if I roll a 6, my Don't Come bet doesn't have to go on the 6. I just tell the dealer NO ACTION, and it can either stay in the Don't Come box, or I can take the bet down entirely. This is actually a good thing for the house because they don't want you laying odds on the don't come bets... because it's a good bet. So they gladly let you take it down.
For me, like I said, I try to notice trends in how I'm throwing that night. Two nights ago, I didn't throw a single 10 when the point was established. So I started laying money on the 10... or if the point was a 10, I would put a $5 don't come bet, hope to hit a 4, then hit a 7. If that happens, I win 2 or 3 bets. The beauty of the Don't Come bets, is that you only lose one bet at a time... so it makes it much harder to go broke all at once. You often see when a point gets established, people throw out 100's of dollars into the box numbers... and then the shooter 7's out. You lose ALL those bets in one roll of the dice. If I have a don't come bet with max odds on the 4, the 10, and my DP bet with max odds on the DP line... There is no way I can lose all 3 bets in one roll of the dice. The shooter would have to hit a 4, a 10, and then the point without 7'ing out for me to lose all the bets. That just doesn't happen all that often. So even though you're betting more money to win less, your money stays on the table longer.
I never make any bets in the middle of the table. Never. no hard ways, no fire bets, no C&E, no craps bets, and no horn bets. Ever. SOMETIMES I will play the field, even though it's not a good bet. But sometimes you get bored by just doing the DP bet. But I limit it to 2 losses. If I lose twice in a row, I stop making the bet.
When other people are shooting, I give each shooter 2 chances to 7 out. If they keep hitting the point, I stop betting against them and wait for the next shooter.
I'm happy to discuss any of this if you want to.
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Casino/Hotel recommendations for recent college grad?

Hey guys,
As the title says, I recently graduated college and looking to make my first trip to Vegas. I love gambling. I've been to Foxwoods and Mohegan Suns countless times on the east coast. Blackjack, craps, and poker are my big games. I also like to parttake in recreational substances on my nights out.
I'm looking for what people would recommend as the best options for hotels/casinos for someone in my age range. My friends and I are looking to gamble, party, and have a typical Vegas weekend.
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What are your thoughts of Asians and their culture of gambling?

Let me preface by saying that I've gotten heavily interested in "western" card games called NHLE/PLO (respectively, No Limit Hold 'Em, Pot-limit Omaha...with basic understanding of PLO8/Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-lo) for the past 8 months or so when my friend (who is non-Asian if that matters) got me comp'd into a charity poker event for his town's community youth organization/center. I've learned Chinese poker from him, but I don't know how to play any Chinese/Asian card games or Mahjong, nor do I really care or have an interest to learn. On the whim, being tired of playing casual heads-up/short-handed home poker games with friends, pub poker tournaments, and online, I decided to make a trek by myself to play 1-2 NLHE down at Foxwoods, the largest casino in the eastern hemisphere located in Connecticut, or a ~two-hour bus ride from Boston for me.
For those who aren't familiar, up in the Northeast there are "Chinatown buses" from Boston and NYC area that shuttle folks to Foxwoods, which was my first choice because of the lower fare cost (~$15 round-trip which includes a meal voucher and $45 match-play coupon) but unfortunately was sold out to a casino in RI, was constricted to a five-hour playing window, and I didn't want to wait two hours for one departing for Mohegan Sun (another adjacent casino to Foxwoods in CT, a 20 minute drive away). I booked a last-minute one-way ticket with Greyhound instead leaving me with an open window for my return trip instead. After I busted two bullets (poker term for or two buy-ins), I had a lot of reflections and introspection about my game-play, but more specifically, I had more the culture of gambling with Asians.
As for family, for which we are of Chinese heritage, and gambling, my father plays Chinese card games and baccarat and my dad's obsession with gambling was a catalyst for my mom's divorce against him; my mother would scold him for taking me to the Chinatown gambling parlors when I was a kid. For my community, I grew up in a large population ethnic immigrant Chinese folks, and it's not uncommon to see grandma's playing Mahjong for pennies, to seeing my neighbor's mom in Chinatown going to the gambling parlor. My grandpa gambles everyday at his family association. My uncle before becoming half-paralyzed played OTB, and his wife's, my aunt by marriage, parents work at one of the aforementioned casinos. My aunt in the PNW is a blackjack dealer.
Now a while back, when I played in a pub poker league tournament, after busting-out, I got into a chat an old lady where we talked about our respective lives and why we played, me playing online, why she didn't, and what stakes we won't play. I talked about how Chinese/Asians love to play big games (Pai Gow poker) against the bankehouse, while contrasting my reasons for liking Hold 'Em. The conversation at one point shifted towards her essentially asking, "why do Asians love to gamble so much?" An innocent but genuinely question out of curiosity that struck and made a lasting impression on me since then.
Being of Chinese heritage, and in an enivornment of relevency, I suppose I was a person to answer such question. My recollected thoughts... I answered with the encounter I had with a Fasten driver (an ride-share underdog to UbeLyft) around that time earlier. In that conversation for which we both spoke Cantonese, we talked about mutual Chinese heritage and what my parent's did for a living, where we both lived, but more specifically, I told him about my parent's divorce and how gambling was a catalyst for divorce. Hearing me out, he address the "issue" with grace by speaking on the collective behalf of blue-collar immigrants who work in restaurants and whatnot, for which he did and my father did, that there wasn't much of an outlet for entertainment/socializing after work, especially working erratic hours and schedules. He made the comparison that they can't go to the local cinema/theater and enjoy an American movie, referencing the cultural differences that confine them into their ethnic enclaves.
During that Fasten ride with the middle-aged Chinese father-driver (about my dad's age), who also tried to recruit my father to drive for the company, opened up my worldview about the possible reasons why a majority Chinese, with our particular interest, why immigrant Chinese in America, like to gamble. I amassed more empathetic and compassion for the plight of Chinese immigrants and their lack of post-work social outlets. I loosened up to having animosity toward my dad for gambling so much when I was younger, which I was influenced by my mother's inappropriate complaints at the dinner-table of just us about my father. And of course, now that I've recently got interested in card games on my initiative, I am less (hypo)critical about my dad's gambling.
With respects Asian gamblers in my observation, for Texas Hold 'Em, I've noticed at my recent trip to Foxwoods and before that the handful of trips to New Hampshire card-rooms (there are no legal card-rooms in the Commonwealth of MA) that I see a lot of Asian players make blatantly "gamble-y" plays. With coach buses departing at various hours of the day from Chinatown and Chinese enclave towns/communities, there's opportunity and demand to from Asians to gamble. My Caucasian friend who re-introduced me to poker made a stereotypical joke about Asians and how they like love to gamble, nonetheless the lady from pub poker who were curious about the why of Chinese and their gambling habits. It is recognized as a fact that there is a disproportionate amount of Asian gamblers relative to their American counterparts with pathological gambling addictions,, but many do not seek help for gambling addictions. And I believe the resources and mental health professionals are far and few for Asian gamblers.
Anyways, I have never seen much, if any at all, discussion or articles about Asians and gambling on this sub but I believe it's an important topic worthy of discussion. I do wonder about the other fathers, mothers, relatives, or even yourself, who has an interest in gambling. Has it been a catalyst for familial dis-harmonies as it did for mine? Did it spur you to get interested in gambling yourself? What are y'alls thoughts on the cultural factors for Asians and gambling? How was your childhood shaped by a family member who was severely addicted to gambling, or was it a casual affair? All and any discussions relevant to Asians and gambling are welcomed. So let's discuss.
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Cherokee, NC. Worth the drive?
Some background: When I lived in Northern California, I would head up to Lake Tahoe and gamble / ski / hike / camp about half a dozen times per year.
Now I've visited Boone, Asheville, Wilmington, and the Outer Banks. All of them are lovely enough, but at the end of each day I'm always left feeling that they would be better if I could head down to the lounge, have a cocktail, play some video poker then maybe go watch the Blue Man Group.
(Joking a little about the Blue Man Group. But some live entertainment would be nice.)
My question: How does Harrah's Cherokee rate vs. the casinos in Nevada or some other internationally recognized gambling mecca?
Would I be better off driving to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut? (An extra 300 miles--about twice the distance). Any other good spots on the East Coast? (Atlantic City has a reputation for being... disappointing.) Or should I just look for a cheap air-hotel-car package deal for Las Vegas?
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An early anniversary gift goes a little awry today, but redemption has to be contagious...

Wonderful wife bought me a ticket to Sunday's game. I've been whining pretty loudly all year about not being able to go to a single game this year; kids starting school, work consuming all, no money etc. This morning she wakes me up and presents a ticket for a pavilion seat to the game! I'm so happy. She says I can only have it if I stop bitching about the fact that she was able to go in June with her girlfriends. (I may or may not have called her a pink hat fan a few times these last many weeks).
I look at the weather, looks like the rain will break near game time. I get all my paraphernalia ready and pack the car. I live in CT so the the trip takes me about two hours. I get to Quincy Center Station outside the city around 1:30 pm. The weather is shit. I park and wait. Something tells me this game isn't happening. Sure enough about 15 minutes later the game is postponed. I'm pissed, but I do realize there was no way they could play in this. Start the two hour ride home.
During the ride home, I realize the chances of me going Monday are slim to none. Work consumes all once again. Call the regional boss man. Explain what happens expecting him to tell me to sell the ticket. He says do what I have to do to get to the game! Still shocked about his response.
Get home, the wife feels bad about me not being able to see the game, even though I tell her I'll be able to go on Monday. She says I can have a free night. Big deal with two kids. I live 5 minutes from Mohegan Sun Casino. Go in to see a couple buddies who work nights at the poker bars. I put $20 into one of the video poker machines, and a half hour later I am up $200!! Big deal for me.
So I got a ticket for a game, it got postponed. I get to go see the game the next day. I won money at a casino. This has to be a sign. The Sox are going to own the Indians tomorrow. I will use all that money to continuously eat Fenway franks until victory is assured.
Thanks for reading my ramblings!
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My first time playing casino poker

Having seen other's post about they're first times playing poker or live cash games I decided to post my own. It was only about 5 hours ago that I bought into my first ever live cash game, in my first ever casino.
Set the scene at Mohegan Sun in CT. I walked in with 2 friends, one who'd been before and another who, like me, had never set foot in a casino. Finding myself overcome with noise and lights I followed my friends to the casino of wind, where the most table games and poker room was. We walked around watching some craps and roulette, it didn't take long for me to be confused and afraid for my small bankroll of $200. After a few minutes I decided to go to the one place I thought I could handle, the one place I was sure I'd understand what was happening, the poker room.
I wandered in by myself and watched a few tables. I found the 1/2 tables and started to scope out the competition. After seeing several limp pots and checks to the river my nerves were eased and I put my name on the waiting list. A few minutes later, with $150 in chips in my hands I was sat at the very table I watched before. It didn't take long to make some moves. Only about 3 hands in I found myself with QJ off in early position. I raised to $8 and got a few calls, I quickly. The flop came K Q 7. I fired out $15 and got one caller. The turn brought a blank and I checked, not sure of what my next move was going to be. He checked back and we saw the river, another lady. With my set I lead out for $25 and he threw his hand to the muck almost before the chips hit the table. Only a few hands into my session and I was already up about $60. With nothing but confidence I continued to play waiting for my next strong spot.
I didn't have to wait long, when the button reached me I looked down at AA. I raised to $8, I seemed to be the only one raising pre-flop, and all the limpers called. With about $24 in the pot the flop brought a 10 7 and 4 to the board. It checked around and I fired another bet, $15 I believe, I got one caller. The turn brought a second 7 and a flush draw to the board. The player I was heads up with was big into chasing flushes and straights and fired out a bet, I just called. The river came with a 7 and he threw in $75. It didn't take me long to call and he immediately declared "I have the 7" while triumphantly flipping up his cards. With complete surprise I said "Really? You do?" as I looked down at his 5 8 off-suit. I showed my AA and he didn't realize what he did until I was pulling in the pot. He apologized profusely but I didn't care, in just 2 hands I had a big profit and felt like I had the table read.
As the hands went by I kept winning pots. In my own words "I had the table crushed". I felt invincible, I knew when to bluff and I knew when to throw it away. In my short session I hadn't lost a showdown and hadn't lost more than $15 in a single hand. It was all profit and all fun. Until I played QJ again...
I was in relatively late position and the pot had been raised to $8. QJ was good enough to call, especially since I knew the guys behind me would probably be calling also. All said and done the flop came with 6 people trying to hit. A K blank. The original raiser led out for $15. Riding on profits I decided to call and see the turn. If I missed the 10 I knew I could get away, but if it hit there was some massive payoff potential. After a few more called the turn brought the 10. The villain put $50 into the pot and I asked what he was playing behind it. There's something great about asking that question, something you can't get online. You could almost see the fear in his eyes as he lifted away from the table to show his chips, he refused to talk but I could get the count. It was somewhere over $100. Without much thought I announced my raise and put $150 on the table. Looking back it amazes me that in one bet I played my initial buy-in. He said "wow, JQ... that'd be something... that would suck" as he moved all-in. A snap call later he showed KK, giving him a set of kings, when unsurprisingly I showed the JQ, the nut straight. With only 10 outs I felt confident that I would be up $500+ after the river, until I saw it. It was the slowest river I had ever seen, the last king in the deck flying threw the air down to the table. I went silent as the player to my right said "oh that might get the high hand jackpot!". He looked it up to see that the high hand was currently quad aces. I made a joke along the lines of "Oh come on, if you're going to beat me like that you need to at least win the high hand!". THe villain refused to even acknowledge the joke.
I played stunned for another round, still with a small profit I thought I could come back. I won a few small pots but then came my last hand of the night. K10 suited in middle position. The player UTG raised to $8 and for some reason I called. On a table where no one was raising pre-flop I called a UTG raise, with K10. After loosing the nut straight I had been playing a little frazzled and this call confirmed that my head wasn't level. Waiting for the flop I almost begged to miss it so I could fold and walk away. But low and behold a king came up. He bet, I called, everyone else folded. The board paired on the turn, we both checked. I don't know why I checked. I'm sure now he had me on a middle pair on the flop, the turn was a perfect card to bluff on, I can only explain it as being a side effect of the coolebad beat. The river was an Ace, giving me two pair with an Ace kicker. He bet and I called to see his AK. I said AK was good and staked my chips and left.
Where I was once up over $200 the cashier gave me $133 for my chips. I didn't feel to bad, it could have been worse. I played my hands well and just got unlucky. I went to find my friends and we had a drink, I told them how the session went and we all decided to play blackjack. We sat at a $10 minimum table, and were quickly joined by two other men. I bought in for only $60, expecting it to go quick. The two strangers bought $200 each. A few hours later after a lot of help from a friendly dealer and great other players, I was up over $200, my friend over $100, and one of the strangers over $1000. With my poker winnings restored I threw the dealer a $5 chip and thanked him for all the help.
I cashed out a winner on a night where I expected to be a loser. I played way out of my limits in a casino poker room and almost walked away with a massive payout. Looking back at it now I would almost say that the 1/2 tables at Mohegan are softer than the .5/.10 on poker stars. I don't know if this is always true or if I just had the luckiest table selection ever. Needless to say, I'll be back, with my blackjack winnings to play with, just waiting for the nuts and hoping it holds up. If it doesn't, oh well, at least I can say I did it, and there's always blackjack.
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Roulette Fun (WarmDeck story)

Read more WarmDeck stories here: www.degenlife.com
Roulette Fun This story takes place December 2011. I plan a trip to the casino with my GF and some others. I thought it would be nice to get everyone together for a night on me. So I invite my step-sister and her BF who I do side business with. Also her cousin which is my step fathers nephew, and his wife which is a long time friend of my GF. Poker Jay also weaseled his way in on this trip. So I head down with my GF and we get to Mohegan Sun at about 6PM. I was comped two regular rooms because of my players club card and check in. I drop bags in room and proceed downstairs with the $2k I brought. Lose my routine $40 shot at slots and head to a single-zero roulette wheel.
During this time frame I believe I am a roulette wizard. I win almost every time I play and am up about $25k in past month and a half on roulette. I've only been playing it seriously for 2 months by the way. Good ole beginners luck. So I really believe in dealer signature, number pairing, and where they release ball. So I buy in for $500 in colored nickels. Watch a couple spins, then start placing numbers. I play sections and hit right way with $150 spread out for $700. A four chip number. Next couple spins I'm spreading out $300 or so and am breaking even on two chip numbers. Then hit a six chip number for $1050 and take $500 over. Cant remember exact number that just hit, but on the board the last time that number hit, 22 came after. So I loaded up 22 with $155 I think and about $500 total spread out. BANG! 22.. I take $5k over, tip the dealers, and spread the rest of my chips out. Was roughly $1k and I hit a 3 chip number for $525. I tell dealer to color me up for another purple and leave $40 for them. I'm pretty happy with this solid start to the trip.
So now I head to the cage to cash in chips and ask for my $6k in all 20's. Yes twenties, I'm just in that kind of a mood. Wanted to feel like a real Big-Shot. I head over to pick up 4 comp tickets for the Jennifer Lopez show that night and head back to the lobby to meet my girl and everyone else who just arrived. Now a little background on my guests. My step-sister and I met in 2005 and hung out for a couple year mostly just on drinking nights. We don't necessarily get along as well anymore. Not sure the reason but she can be very fake. Her BF I've known for close to 2 years since they started dating and he sure knows how to burn money. I believe he blew close to $30k on blackjack and owed money everywhere. I would make money off him by bankrolling his weed plays and juice him on the front. We got along good but things got bad at a certain point about the money he owed me and him not having the weekly payments. Now my step-sisters cousin was a little older than me and I've never really liked him. He always gave off that dirtbag vibe. His wife I went to school with and she is very good friends with my girl. She is nice and we've always got along good. I actually banged her years before. Anyway I give them their room keys for the room they're sharing and flash my winnings. U could see the sour look in the eyes of both guys.
We all head up to the rooms to get unpacked. Then I take them all down to the lounge so they can get drinks and eat before show. I also see my host while we are there and I try to give him a Christmas gift of a $200 gift card. I'm in the giving mood since my new found gold mine roulette has been so good to me. He tells me policy has changed, that he can't accept cash or gift cards. I end up giving it to my GF and tell her to use it for Christmas shopping. Poker Jay finally arrived and calls me looking for a C-note. I meet him, he's off to the 1-5 stud game and I'm off to the room to shower and get dressed while everyone else goes to the show.
I get done and my GF and them are still in show so I call up my buddy Chris who lives near casino. I've known him for a couple years and we get along good. I stake him in poker sometimes and we party a lot. Overall he's a good guy. So him and Jay meet me back in the room and I get a couple grey goose bottles, carafe of OJ, and a carafe of cranberry sent up. I have Jay set up my stereo and we make drinks. We go downstairs to meet everyone after the show and have more drinks. Then the girls separate for dancing while the guys gamble. After a couple hours of playing like a maniac, I have only $3k left. I lost almost all my profit and gave my step-sisters BF a couple hundred to play with. Everyone had went back to the room by now and were going to sleep.
Pic: Chris, Poker Jay, myself
At this point I am determined to win my money back. Chris and I are only ones of our group still on gaming floor. He is just railing me on a roulette table. I buy in for $1k and am spreading $200 a spin. There is another gentleman on the table who is losing too. Dealer is bricking every spin for us. So by like the 4th spin I start to root for a number neither of us have as a joke. When it hits, the guy goes insane on me. I basically tell him to relax and if he can't handle losing he shouldn't gamble and laugh it off. He then goes "You think it's funny? I'll kick your ass!". He is older than me and has been drinking, definitely not a threat. But my buddy Chris jumps up in my defense like hes ready to fight the guy. Creates quite a scene and security comes. Security decides to tell me to leave the table and go to my room. There was some favoritism being played. I feel it was the age issue and security automatically assumes we were the problem. Chris ends up getting a 24 hour ejection and is escorted out as he curses at every security guard. They did let him go un-register for a tournament I pre-registered him for the next day. He's gone and I head back to room.
Jay is in one bed sleeping and my GF is in other. I decide this is no fun so I head back downstairs to play blackjack on a table that a girl I've been talking to is dealing at. +$500 and a shoe and a half later, security comes up behind to tell me I'm gone. He states that he told me to return to my room and not come back down. I get a permanent ejection and have my photo taken. They escort me up to my room where I wake Jay and my GF telling them we have to leave. We pack and head down to valet. Its 4am and we all have been drinking so we do not want to take hour ride home. We get room down the street at a Holiday Inn. My girl goes right to bed, but Jay and I keep drinking. We take her keys and head down to the parking lot so we can head back to the casino to gamble. Retarded, yes I know. She calls my phone complaining about us trying to go back and demands we bring car back. She meets us in parking lot and says shes going home. We decide to stay with no car. I call up the dealer I've been talking to and have her meet me at Holiday Inn because she just got off work. I'm drunk and offer her a drink. She declines cause it's daylight out and I end up smashing it anyway. I then ask her for a ride back to the casino because I figure it will be a new security shift. I check into a comp room under my own name and head up the elevators. As soon as I turn corner off elevator, one of the lower level security guards who was present earlier while I was being ejected is waiting to go down. I tell him I had no place to stay and give him a $300 tip. He seems cool about it and lets us go. Twenty minutes later security is at our door. Fuck, gotta go I guess. They seem pretty irritated with me at this point. I try to leave, but they hold the elevator doors waiting for tribal police. They then held me until state police arrived, who gave me a simple trespass citation. Told me not to return and sent me off in a taxi. Well we could go home, but fuck it, I still wanna gamble.
"Take me to the Bellissimo!" I demanded to the cab driver. This is a hotel near the neighboring casino Foxwoods. You might think why I didn't go there in the first place. I'm actually ejected from there at the time too. I check into the presidential suite and get a little sleep. That afternoon we wake up and call Chris because we have no car. He drives over to meet us. We call the girl dealer and all hang out. In the mean time I'm dealing with phone calls about my GF losing the $200 gift card I gave her and her cell phone being missing. Also I am missing a $300 pair of sunglasses I let my step-sisters cousin wear the night before. Eventually I find out he took them home and will give me them. Anyway I have like $2k on me and head to Foxwoods. I dust it off relatively quickly after food and drinks. We head back to the room and I decide to call another friend of mine from back home. He comes down to the casino to play poker daily, so I ask him to pick up $2k from my house and bring it down to me. He arrives a couple hours later.
I head back to Foxwoods and straight to the single-zero wheel but decide to leave the cooler, AKA Poker Jay in the room. I let Chris play with $300 hoping he would have better luck than me. But he lost and said he was gonna take a walk. I buy in for $700 and about 12 spins later I had $10k in chips. I was relieved. I met Chris to grab a bite to eat, then he dropped me back off at the hotel. Went to sleep and the next day Chris gave us a ride back home. Also a side-note, after a month or so of investigating the missing gift card I was given what, where, and when the money was used. I concluded my step-sister had stole it as she spent some of the money off it on her Secret Santa gift selection at our family Christmas. After she spent weeks blaming her cousin and his wife claiming she knew for a fact but not to confront them about it because they gave her the $200 to repay me. Haven't talked to her since.
Pic: casino chips
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Reddit, how do you gamble underage at a casino?

My situation: I'm six months away from being 21. I live 45 mins away from two huge casinos (in CT) and I've recently gotten into playing texas hold-em. My friends, who used to play weekly games with me, have lost their jobs and/or interest in the game and online poker just doesn't do it for me. Without getting a fake ID, would I be able to walk into Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and play poker without getting my ID checked? (I know not to buy drinks, but I think I'd be okay otherwise, right?)
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Play the latest and most exciting video poker games online today! New to Mohegan Sun Casino? Join today and receive a $1,000 bonus on your first deposit. Our poker room is located in the Hall of the Lost Tribes inside Casino of the Earth and has over 30 tables with action heating up every day. Enjoy table-side dining service provided by Johnny Rockets as well as USB chargers in every table for your convenience. Mohegan Sun has the only poker room in Connecticut that allows Momentum Dollars to be used toward tournament buy-ins. 2 Momentum ... Mohegan Sun’s Poker Room, located in Casino of the Earth, reopened 6 of its 33 tables this week, and will feature no more than 7 players per table. M ohegan Sun Poker has made its return and will be open daily from 10:00am – 2:00am. With health & safety being the top priority, the Poker Room reopens at under one third of its total tables, will feature a max of 7 players at a table at once ... A Mohegan Sun financial report shows poker generated $834,000 in net revenue for the casino during the three months that ended March 31, which included the first two weeks of the pandemic-induced ... Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn., will reopen its poker room today. Games are 7-handed with Plexiglas dividers on tables. Masks are required, and no food or spectators will be allowed in the room. Table changes, seat changes and call-ins will not be permitted, and no promotions or tournaments w ... Featuring over 500 online slots, 17 table games, 18 video poker options, and more, our online casino in New Jersey offers many of the same games you’ve played at the land-based Mohegan Sun Casino property, plus lots of new games you can’t find anywhere else. And it’s all available 24/7. UNCASVILLE, CT (WFSB) -- Mohegan Sun has reopened its poker room. The casino said its poker room, located in Casino of the Earth, is open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., offering six of its 33 tables. Join the best poker tournaments and games at Mohegan Sun Casino. We have multiple options for you to find the right hand. Play in our best-of-the-best tournament, high hand, or just one of our daily tournaments! Come in today to play! A world at play and a world to its own, Mohegan Sun offers the best in entertainment. Laugh along with hilarious comedians or catch a live band at Comix Roadhouse.Don't forget about Thursday night karaoke at where you can take your place in the spotlight to show off your skills! We've got a large range of games and limits within our casino at Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino. Offering a Bad Beat Jackpot, daily tournaments and progressive royals that make our poker tables the most thrilling in PA.

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5 Ways to Get Kicked Out of a Casino - Duration: 4:10. Wall Street Journal Recommended for you. 4:10. ... Exploitative Poker Mohegan Sun 1/2 NLH - Duration: 12:23. RampagePoker 12,545 views. 12 ... Mohegan Sun Casino slot machines gaming tables hotel spa Jarek in Uncasville Connecticut USA - Duration: 8:57. yaropol80 2,466 views Hello my fellow gamblers. Watch me while I draw live to a $20,000 Royal Flush on a $25 max bet at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. My favorite casino for video pok... Hello my fellow YouTuber’s It’s been awhile since I caught one of these Live. Watch me draw live to a 4 card Royal Flush at Mohegan Sun. I’m sorry about all ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... #MGSlots21 #PresidentialSuite #MoheganSun Today's video is something completely different, there is no Gambling at all! We get asked all the time what the Su...