THE 10 BEST Las Vegas Casino Hotels of 2021 (with Prices ...

George gets invited to Las Vagas for the Frogger championship, Kramer tries to learn to count cards, Jerry confronts a comedian that stole his material, Elaine gets lost in the casino.

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Theory: The other reports of shootings in Vagas casinos were diversions.

The shootings happened, but nobody was wounded. This is why we see videos of people reacting afterword and social media accounts of various shootings. The reason for no images of blood is because nobody was hit.
There were multiple accomplices and the sole intent for the other gunfire was to create confusion and delay response time. The reason it isn't being reported is because it would prove this was a much larger plot.
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Macau, in 7 years it has gone from one casino to taking in 5 times as much money as Las Vagas... Chinese Love to gamble

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Improvements I think could be made to red dead online

First off a level 100 player shouldn't have not a single extra hp point then a low level player.
Its a retarded reward, you already get better weapons for leveling up, same with damage. I mean special ammo is one thing but making a player invincible to other players is stupidity
I don't care if you care about your KD but this should absolutely not be the case.
Or what about giving players body armor after suffering 5 deaths in a row without a kill on the other player? Anyways for future updates
I would like to see more things like purchasable boats and carriages
A new overhauled bounty system
So if an entire posse is holding up a town or running around killing everything they see then there should be a bounty within the 100,s that players can see and even collect, if they are in a town then the town has a "siege" and to the players who break the siege theres 500$ goes to each player who helps break the siege, not the besigers.
If one player is being picked on by other people then no players should suffer penalty for killing said player.
Also killing other players should decrease honer level(unless they are killing other players left and right and npc,s)
So in a nutshell being a greifer makes you an outlaw and being a player who helps others makes you a lawman or a hero or "good guy" Lets be honest most players hate greifers
Back in the day in gta5(and still on new gen) an entire server would be (and now can be half the time) locked down by a hydra or opressor mk2
Now its a posse with all the high ranked weapons and equipment. And neigh impossible to kill becuase of all the weapons and the health benifits(ironic since the game is set little over 100 years ago)
Even with parley, the greifers will try there hardest to kill you. From a low level tryhard to a high level professional greifer who has all the guns and insane health. With a youtube channel.
Griefing is only fun when your watching vids of it on Youtube or your doing it yourself.
As for future content
-more interiors -more weapon varity such as the 1902 "american eagle" Luger pistol(the very first was from 1898 as a prototype, but made it to sell around the world later on,then the 1906 came, then later on the po8) -cargo busnisses legal and illegal. But this time they can be gotten passively if legal and illegal is the non passive way.
Or what about missions that you can send npc,s to do or you can chose to go yourself?
How many of us want to become ingame tycoons?
Like owning oil fields and Railroads and all that stuff.
Or even becoming a banker?
Red dead 2 online is very grindy, Not quite as gta5, but still grindy. I don't mind grindy as long as its made fun and exciting.
And by exciting I mean Less tedious and has lots of things to do.
Also what about roleplay? Well we could get obsidian entertainment in on this game for the roleplaying elements, with a skill system like new vagas.
So you have weapon skills and other skills, also communication with npc,s is Boring! It would be nice to have a dialogue menu with at least 4 options, 3 for minor npc,s
So for that random traveler there could be 4 the "howdy" the "fuck you!" The "hello and goodbye" and the "your getting robbed mf!"
Also I think stupid game mechnics should be reevaluated, like falling down a hill and your character doesn't even try to slow the fall by grabbing the side of the mountain.
Or when you use an entire bottle of gun oil for a gun that's barely dirty. I think the amount used should be dependent on how dirty the gun is.
So a broke gun should use an entire bottle while somthing you just bought, then shot a few times would use like 10% of the bottle
Really same with anything, like who lights up an expensive cigar, only to take 1 puff and throw it out? Im not saying add ultra realistic smoking, but hey at least give us a system that makes it last longer then 5 seconds.
I hate to be that guy who complains, but I bitch because I like this game and want it to be great.
Now as for the improvements, the c93 and the broomhandle should be able to fire as fast as the trigger is pulled with no delay, When I bought the semi auto pistol I thought it was gonna be really fast, its fast, but the double action revolver seems to be faster.
There is honestly so many things to talk about here.
Im going to list a small number of possible dlc,s
Green river A dlc about river boats and just boats in general, where you can own your own riverboat and take it up stream and down stream and even add a poker table and forms of casino and gambling (There was a time when gambling was only legal on riverboats, in Missouri)
Dlc also adds a few new guns, new clothes, new cosmetics and with each dlc there should be more interior buildings
The big city update
This adds loads of new interiors for all buildings on the map, and adds a new place one can travel to liberty city(or new york city irl, I consider red dead to be a "deep prequel" To grand theft auto.
To die in Mexico A DLC that adds a new map in Mexico as well as new places in new austin. New factions that are dangerous, new missions, new towns etc.
There should also be at least one DLC that explores the weapons industry of the early 1900,s If red dead online explores the early 1920,s then there should be a dlc named "Invisible empire" That explores the themes and the time peroid of the rise of the second clan(the KKK got the name of the "invisible empire" because by 1925 they had 5 million members across the US and most of there identities hidden.
Leave your ideas in the comments! I want to read your ideas!
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Your Level ideas.

I've been playing rainbow six vagas 2 on One and have been loving the levels. They should add a casino level in Siege, with all the noise and lights of the slots it would be pretty distracting. Whats your idea? Whats another good location?
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[Spoilers] People crying About Felicity being good at gambling

She is a math genius that grew up in vagas casinos.
In season one they made it quite obvious she can count cards.
In season one she went undercover to an underground gambling club and got caught counting cards and winning too much.
Man you people are a bunch of whinny bitches.
You know why writers and others don't take this place seriously, when you cry about a character doing what is basically in her DNA.
She hit people with a van and they got knocked out. That is not being badass that is hitting someone with a freaking van. She has done that before.
She is "Oliver's light". Guess what she had been Oliver's light since season two. That is a running theme of the show.
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A man approaches a prostitute on the strip in Las Vegas....

The prostitute says," I give the best hand-jobs in Las Vegas, $1000.00."
Shaking his head the man begins to walk away, but the whore stops him. "If it's not the best you ever had I'll give you a full refund!"
They walk in an alley and appear two minutes later. The man says," That was the best, how much for a blowjob?"
"Meet me in my suite in the Rio tomorrow and I'll give you one"
"You have a suite in the Rio?" The man asks.
"Yea my permanent suite because I give the best blowjobs in Las Vagas!.....$5000.00"
The next night as the man pulls up his pants he asks,"if the blowjob is that good, how much for the pussy??"
The hooker walks to the window and points towards old Vegas.
"Don't tell me you own one of those casinos!!" Says the man.
"No, but if I had a pussy I would".......
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Thinking about a trip to New York and Las Vagas from the UK.

I am seriously considering a holiday (September probably, not 100%) with my mum and a friend, to see my family in Connecticut which not being far from New York means I intend to visit (My 5th or 6th one!), but I would also like to fly on to Las Vagas for part of the trip (at least 5 days).
I have been to Vagas before for my mums wedding but was only about 10, I loved it but I would love to go back and hit the casino now I'm 22 and also to some sight seeing.
Budget - I can't really afford a luxury holiday so would like the best deals wherever possible although I don't mind spending a bit to not stay in a hostel.
Flights/Hotel - I not sure when the best time to book is? And I not sure if I should book flights and hotels together? I would preferably would like to fly from Manchester and only direct flights for reasons that will come clear below. Luckily I won't need accommodation when in Connecticut as I am staying with family (only planning on day trips to New York.) I will however need a hotel in Vagas.
New York - Although I have been before I only really went to the empire state building and to the statue of Liberty the rest of the time we just walked around. So would love to know some cool places to go and things to do in the city. My only must-see is the 9/11 memorial as I was actually there on the 10th anniversary but didn't get chance to see it.
Las Vagas - Obviously one of the main things I want to do in Vagas is go to some casinos (although I'm not a big gambler). I also would love to check out the non gambling things to do in Vagas. Also I am unsure what the weather is like there around September.
Accessibility - I also am disabled and use a electric wheelchair so there is that to consider for flights and hotels. This is why I need direct flights if possible. Also I need to bring extra medical stuff and equipment with me and will need to rent equipment like hoists while there as well. I also don't know the what public transport and taxi options there are for wheelchair users in both cities.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts or help you can provide.
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[EVENT]Building the new world senate building

John Eagles has decide to build a new biilding for the world senate to meet at. The building will be built in the newly annexed Las Vagas, Nevada. The building will be a Casino/Hotel that includes all the regular casino gambling, a buffet, a meeting room, a bar, both smoking and non smoking areas meta/ Jamaica, bedrooms and suites, a strip club, a show room for concerts, magic show, etc., a game room, a souvenir shop, a pool, and the biggest most American leader chair you will ever lay your eyes upon. The place will be finish before the world senate and will be opened to the public after the meeting has ended. If anyone else has a recommendation or is willing to help with construction leave a comment below.
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help guys, whats the song

there is a song which starts of with a skinny guy with a tattoo being dumped by his girlfriend, then he goes to vagas and has a good time in the casinos and on the streets before going to some party and hooking up with another chick, i just cant remember the song name or tune otherwise would have used Shazzam
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Top 10 Las Vegas Casino Demolitions - YouTube LIVE huge bet a $1000 spin in Bellagio casino in Las Vegas ... GAMBLING IN LAS VEGAS & ACTUALLY WINNING! - YouTube LIVE! Slot Play From Las Vegas - YouTube Las Vegas 1955 ~ A Sunny Drive Down the Strip ~ Old Vegas ... Casino Wars - Beating Vegas (Gambling Documentary) - YouTube THE BEST CASINOS IN LAS VEGAS! - YouTube

Allerdings ist Casino Las Vegas ein Online Casino, das die Atmosphäre von Las Vegas zu Ihnen bringt, ganz egal, wo auf der Welt Sie sich befinden. Wir liefern den Nervenkitzel und die Aufregung von dem Las Vegas Strip direkt zu Ihnen nach Hause oder an jeden anderen Ort, wo Sie spielen. In der Tat ist das Casino Las Vegas in vielerlei Hinsicht sogar besser als ein Besuch auf dem Las Vegas ... Mr Vegas bietet dir mit einem Portfolio an sorgfältig ausgewählten Spielen wie Live-Spiele, Spielautomaten und Video-Spielautomaten das bestmögliche Online Spiele-Erlebnis. Alle angebotenen Spiele stammen von den vertrauenswürdigsten und beliebtesten Spielanbietern, die es auf dem Markt gibt. Abgesehen von den besten Spielen bietet Mr Vegas auch eine breite Palette einzigartiger Features ... Das Vulkan Vegas Casino hat ein spezielles Treueprogramm für diejenigen, die sehr oft und regelmäßig spielen. Wir vergeben die Treuepunkte nach einem großzügigen System, bei dem Sie einen Comp-Punkt erhalten, wenn Sie 2€ auf ein beliebiges Spiel setzen. Und wenn diese Punkte einlösbar sind, können Sie sie jederzeit zum Beispiel gegen Bonusgeschenke oder sogar echtes Geld eintauschen ... Royal Vegas ist seit vielen Jahren einer der Branchenführer im Online Casino Sektor. Mit mehr als 700 Online Casino-Spielen und einer großen Auswahl an Zahlungsmethoden bieten wir unseren Kunden eine Online Casino-Plattform der Superlative. Bei uns erhalten Sie nicht nur ein herzliches Willkommen, sondern auch bis zu €1200 in Neuspieler-Willkommensboni. At Casino Las Vegas we want to give all of our members Vegas-style VIP treatment and that is why we have a number of different casino VIP levels, so that everyone can find the one most appropriate for them. After making your second deposit at the casino you will become an Amber level VIP member. As an Amber member you will enjoy €10 cash for every 1000 loyalty points your earn, up to 10 free ... Best Casino Hotels in Las Vegas on Tripadvisor: Find 535,108 traveler reviews, 208,610 candid photos, and prices for 81 casino hotels in Las Vegas, NV.

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Top 10 Las Vegas Casino Demolitions - YouTube

Welcome to Slot Cracker Slot Videos. Please Subscribe if you've enjoyed any of my Slot-Play / Live Play videos so you can be informed whenever I upload a new... The only constant in Vegas is change. Here's to 10 casino that got blown up to make way for new places. Among the victims: The Riviera, the Landmark, the Boa... Las Vegas vlog March Madness Day 2Starting the day with Bellagio fountain show. The room at MGM grand had a view of The Mansion (high rollers villas). Specia... Vintage Las Vegas at its best. Fantastic color as we journey down the Las Vegas strip with views of the Desert Inn, the Desert Spa, billboards for El Morocc... THE BEST CASINOS IN LAS VEGAS!We walked across 4 countries and many many miles, to show you the best casinos here in Vegas. The Venetian, Paris, New York New... Watch More Amazing Documentary's On A Variety Of Subjects Here: We did a live huge spin of $1000,- on a slotmachine in the highrollers area in the Bellagio casino hotel in Las Vegas on the strip.Http:// De c...